Rugby is one of the most affordable sports your child can play in a supportive, family based environment – PLUS there are minimal fundraising requirements that parents have to do during the season when you choose to play for the Rockers!!

Training sessions are held on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm at the Rockers clubhouse (6840 88 Street Edmonton, AB).

Games will be held Saturday morning’s for U5s-U11s between 9:00-11:30 am and Wednesday evenings for U13 & U15’s. Saturday Festivals run every Saturday from May 14 to the middle of July every weekend with the exception of long weekends. 

The U5s are combined with all clubs in Edmonton and focus on gross motor skills such as running with the ball and learning to pass. 

Our U7s program begins with an introduction to flag rugby with emphasis on learning how to pass backwards and run forwards.

Our U9s program builds on the skills learned at U7s and adds in passing between 1-2 players before a score will be allowed.

Our U11s programs begin to introduce contact and tackling after the first few weeks of flag rugby.

The U13 and U15s programs transition to more of a full game which includes scrums and line outs.

Registration costs include a team shirt and drawstring bag.

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You are welcome to join us anytime during the season! Please use the contact page or simply show up to any practice and introduce yourself!