Code of Conduct

As a Rocker you are expected to uphold this Code of Conduct and to ensure your fellow club members adhere to it as well. Any member who is deemed to have breached this Code of Conduct will be subject to a no selection policy and/or club expulsion.

  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team – thus your teams` performance will benefit as well as your own.When you commit yourself to a team for the season, honour that commitment.
  • Attend ALL training sessions and games each week for the entirety of the season.Rugby is an all-weather sport and training/games should be considered on despite bad weather.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are the official training nights. If you are unable to attend you must notify your Club Captain or the coach. Failure to do this or supplying an unacceptable excuse may result in the loss of player status within game selections.
  • Be punctual to all games. You should be at the ground at least half an hour before the match starts. If you arrive late you can expect to be a reserve if there is a surplus of players.
  • Ensure that you are always dressed in the correct Rocker uniform for all games.
  • You will play by the rules, never argue with an official, referee or other players. Let the coach or Club Captain sort out any problems.
  • You must cooperate with coaches, teammates and opponents. Without them you do not have a game.Players shall take pride and enjoy participating in sport.Learn to win with grace and lose with dignity. Be modest in success and appreciate your opponents’ performance, even when defeated.At the conclusion of the game, the opponents, referees and officials are to be thanked for the game.
  • Players representing the club at any after match functions will do so in a respectful manner. Any players wearing club gear out in public must remember who they are representing and act in an acceptable manner.
  • Players are expected to perform certain duties after training and home games (cleaning/field take down). As a member of the Rockers Athletic Club you are expected to partake in the upkeep and maintenance of the clubhouse and field. Everybody takes part in keeping the clubhouse and surrounding areas tidy and in a respectable shape for all club members.
  • If you are unsure of what to do or need to be assisted in any way, speak to the Club Captain for help. You will be provided with the telephone numbers of the coach and the Club Captain.