Fundraising is Important

Senior players are required to volunteer for 6 credits worth of fundraising within each registration season. Each bingo worked is worth 1.0 credit.

Check out the calendar for upcoming bingo dates.

Please speak with our Director of Fundraising about any other details.


Bingos are at Caesar’s Bingo, located in West Edmonton Mall.

The nearest mall entrance is 58.
1450, 8882 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5T 4J2

Rockers Bingo Policy

Just like a rugby game, each player needs to do their part to ensure the success of the team. In addition to training, fundraising is also a required part of being a part of the Rockers! All bingos take place at Caesar’s Bingo in West Edmonton Mall.

Players 18 and over: 6 fundraising credits per year or $100 per bingo for any missed/no show.

Players 18 and under: parent or guardian is requested to help out with at least 1 bingo within a season


Reduced dues

Maintenance of our clubhouse

Qualified coaching staff

Training equipment

Training space (indoor gymnasium & outdoor fields)

Jerseys/Game Kit